REAL: Network of Environmental Educators of Loreto

REAL: Network of Environmental Educators of Loreto

There is a new kind of Social Network in Loreto, and is not a virtual one like Facebook, it is REAL: Red de Educadores Ambientales de Loreto (Network of Environmental Educators of Loreto)

Formed by a group of participatory teachers and citizens, they have set  them selves with the mindful purpose of educate the people of the Loreto community on how:

  •  To learn & teach to prevent and reduce environmental problems that affect the local natural resources;
  • To promote the love and care for the conservation of Loreto Bay National Park (PNBL) through responsible actions during normal daily activities;
  • To utilize these natural resources for economic, social, cultural and environmental development in a responsible manner.

REAL members at “Loreto Watersheds Workshop”, January 2016

“REAL” has the set Mission to promote the responsible use of natural resources, through the use of environmental education, at various educational levels. They envision a Local Network of Environmental Educators as leaders, with Social Innovation skills, in the responsible use of the environment at the municipality of Loreto, B. C. S.

Members of REAL group on a field trip to the Islands of Park, October 2016

What else does the members of REAL do?

They learn about the main characteristics of the species of flora and fauna, that can be found at the Bay of Loreto National Park; and by also identifying the environmental services and benefits provided by the Park to the community of Loreto, and with a deep understanding of the set rules for the users of the park, they have become some of the most responsible Park users.
With an analytical thinking of the environmental challenges that arise in Loreto, they also meet every other moth, to formulate and propose feasible conservation strategies, by involving the Loreto community members: teachers, students, parents, cooperatives, business and other organizations. Through direct contact with the biodiversity of National Park they had gain experience to promotes environmental practices with their own school students, for the conservation, and the intelligent use of our natural resources

REAL members at April’s 2016 Workshop

Who can be a member of REAL?

At this first stage REAL accepts as members: Teachers from elementary, secondary, and higher educational levels; Any representative of organizations of civil society (NGOs); Any representative of governmental institutions.

The Members of REAL: Network of Environmental Educators of Loreto

If you are interested in this organization and meet the membership requirements, send a request to join REAL and start enjoying great benefits including training, field trips, use of the facilities and teaching resources of CenCoMA, notifications on environmental issues, exclusive invitations as well as many other surprises.

Please Contact:

MTE. Edna Ariana Peralta Rochin

e[email protected]

Ph. (613)135-1907