Captain Martin Castro

Captain Martin Castro

Martín Castro, is a fisherman born and raised in the coastal community of Ensenada Blanca, in the municipality of Loreto.

For many years of his life, he dedicated himself to poaching in Loreto and other communities, but little by little and with the advice of civil society organizations he changed his way of thinking and acting about fishing, which led in 2009 to organize with his family to set up a fishing cooperative that to date has the name of “Sociedad Cooperativa Pescadores” of Ensenada Blanca.

This cooperative has stood out for being one of the most organized of those that carry out fishing activity in the Bahia de Loreto National Park. They have their fishing permits in order and always participate in activities aimed at the care of marine resources.

Since 2012 the cooperative has incorporated tourism activity with trips to the islands and sports fishing, with the vision of having an activity additional to fishing to diversify their income and let the fisheries rest at sometimes of the year. Currently offers the whale watching service, is one of the privileged that has the permit and is widely trained to do so.

Martin has experience in the sea and can take you to live the best experiences in each of his tours, knows perfectly each island and islet of the protected natural area, feel sure that the information provided will be true.

Martín is currently involved in an incubation process at Eco-Ventures, an incubator of social enterprises run by “Eco-Alianza de Loreto A.C.”, Where he is training and learning new tools and skills to professionalize his services and be more competitive.

If you want to travel with Martin, you can find him on the main street of the community of Ensenada Blanca in front of the community store. You can also contact him through his cell phone.

Their rates are accessible, and more if you think that each time you travel with them you are supporting not only a local family, you also contribute to minimize the impacts of commercial fishing.




CELL PHONE: 613 105 1273

ADDRESS: Ensenada Blanca, Loreto México

EMAIL: [email protected]