What we are About

 The Loreto.com website is an initiative of Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C.

By developing and managing this site, we aim to work with Loretano residents and visitors to shape the future of Loreto in a more sustainable and influential manner. Moving forward in this way of thinking, we believe Loreto.com could be the medium to reflect those behavior changes that can inspire and lead others to make informative choices, that are respectful of the unique environmental and cultural heritage that makes Loreto un Pueblo Mágico.

Although we do not want to endorse specific businesses, one of our goals is to introduce newcomers to the Loreto businesses that ascribe to a conservation ethic and to a way of life that values the deeply ingrained respect that Loreto’s families have for the culture, the landscapes, the seascapes, the history, and the natural wonders of this region.

For those of us who know and love Loreto, we recognize that ours is a town constantly evolving.  In that way, our articles will introduce curious readers to the people, places, and activities that reveal the multi-faceted character of the Loreto that we cherish.

Loreto.com will help spread the different local scenarios, which give life and identity; by providing a forum for the active participation of users, we expect you and others to share with us your personal stories and information about Loreto and the surrounding region. Our intent is that the learning and sharing will inspire a new wave of respectful and informed stewardship that will embrace the magic of our town, that will nurture the health and vitality of the environment, and that will encourage vibrant citizen involvement in shaping Loreto’s sustainable future.

Thank you for your visit to Loreto and to Loreto.com.

– Our intention is to generate a lasting enthusiasm  in all those who visit us or plan to do so; and particularly to contribute to a healthy local pride, among Loretanos.

– We promote the trade and services of Loreto, especially those that embrace sustainability and which are not well-known .

– We embrace the local and authentic talent, which promotes the real identity  of our region.

– We want to help lift the local economy based on promoting responsible consumption of local products and services.

– We aspire to become the site of reference and information for all those eager to learn about the lifestyle of the Loretanos.

– Our underlying purpose is to generate in our users a newfound appreciation and a new way of seeing our region.

 Join us in rediscovering Loreto’s romance, and celebrating the unique qualities of our people and our natural region. Loreto.com Team