Tabor Canyon of Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The Tabor Canyon is an oasis located in the core of Sierra “La Giganta”, which makes a great hiking connection to the natural environment of the Loreto region. With its incredible landscapes, flora and fauna. Tabor awakens all your senses, from the first moment you arrive and on each hiking step, this canyon offers fascinating natural settings to enjoy with your family and friends.

Tabor Canyon Frog

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A great biodiversity of flora and fauna is found at Tabor Canyon, its scenic beauty will allow you to experience the best sunrises and sunsets, that will become an unforgettable memory of your visit to Loreto. At the rainy season of September, and within this majestic place, you can enjoy the several small creek ponds that are filled with colorful shades of green transparent running water.

Tabor Canyon Arroyo

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Local folklore tells us that the old Indians, who lived in this region, performed rites of tribute to Sierra “La Giganta”; during these rites they used to have hallucinations, where the big sierra became a giant creature, and it is from there that the name of “El Gigante de Tabor” (Tabor Giant) comes to be used for this canyon.

Tabor Canyon Arroyo

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Hiking the “Tabor” canyon involves certain degree of effort; the journey has diverse challenges that can put to the test the abilities of each person, so prior to the tour you should take on account the security measures and appropriate gear for this kind of hike.


Transpeninsular Highway # 1, Km 26, to the south the town of Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico; the entrance is next to the electric power plant (CFE), on the opposite side of the exit to Puerto Escondido, take the dirt road that heads to the Sierra.

Tabor Canyon Arroyo

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Our recommendations for your visit to Tabor Canyon

  • Take on account the security measures and appropriate gear for this kind of hike.
  • Hire a local tourist guide who knows the site, depending of your experience, going on your own can become troublesome.
  • Respect the site and its natural resources. Live no trace of your hike, avoid pollution of this beautiful place.
  • Report to the authorities any type of damage that you get to know on your visit.
  • Take care of doing a warm-up preparation, before going through the canyon.
  • Download the mobile application “wikiloc”,  HERE, with this app you will find the route that we previously made for you; create your account; look for the route as “Tabor Canyon, Loreto, BCS.”; once on the screen of your smart phone you are ready to go. In Google Earth you can also visualize the route in Orange color.

Gear & Backpacking list for the hike:

Anti-slip waterproof shoes, rope, drinking water, energetic bars, medical first aid kit, camera, smart phone with off-line GPS capabilities, comfortable clothes, lunch meal, mosquito repellent, swimwear.

Video of the hiking with a local tour guide

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