Monitoring Loreto’s Seashore Water Quality

Photo by Magda Gutierrez ©

Working in partnership with the Coastkeeper Alliance, Eco-Alianza generates useful and indispensable information through Monitoring Loreto’s Seashore Water Quality within the Bay of Loreto National Park.; now in its 4th year, provides essential and timely information on the health of users of the beaches of Loreto.

“Drinking water gives us life, but awareness will give us water”

Monitoring Loreto’s Seashore Water Quality requires to be performed based on the guidelines of the Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (COFEPRIS), the sole authority with the power to determine the criteria for the classification of the beaches with primary human contact.

Monitoring Loreto's Seashore Water Quality

Collecting water samples at the bay

The Loreto Coastkeeper protocols for Monitoring Loreto’s Seashore Water Quality also require technicians to follow strict guidelines in every step. These strict protocols are broken into 3 very specific processes: Preparation, Sampling, and Processing.

— Organizing material and equipment
— Washing and drying glassware
— Material sterilization
— Visit each of 12 scheduled sites
— Properly transport specimens
— Site analysis (record physical/chemical data at each site)
— Analysis
— Sample sealed correctly
— Correct incubation
— Processing of the results
Monitoring Loreto's Seashore Water Quality

Water sample processing

The threshold values of bacteriological contamination by enterococci adopted by the Department of Health is 200 most probable number  (MPN) limit to define that a beach is suitable or not for use. Based on these values, each beach is classified as:

Classification of beaches with primary contact

Enterococcus NMP/100mL



Suitable for recreational use

+ 200

NOT suitable for recreational use

Sampling Results

After processing of water samples and determining positive or negative results for each beach, results are reported immediately to inform the authorities and the population of Loreto regarding the suitability of beaches for recreational use. During the summer you can find the information weekly and during the winter two times per month on page and the Facebook page of Eco-Alianza of Loreto.

Monitoring Loreto's Seashore Water Quality