Katie’s Volunteering Experience at Loreto

katie con edna

Katie’s Volunteering Experience at Loreto

“I am Katie from Orange County, California, and came to Loreto for one month to work at Eco-Alianza de Loreto in an assigned internship. Although I was debating completing the internship in a more local, convenient location, the unique Volunteering Experience that I would have by seeing an entirely different culture than my own was too tempting.”

“From the first day of my trip, I could clearly see many differences between Loreto and my hometown. The charming, small-town atmosphere of Loreto creates a family friendly environment. Loreto has such a rich history that dates back to its oldest mission, built-in 1697, and the culture of the city reflects that.”

“I was fortunate enough to attend the 4th annual Clam Festival, during which I enjoyed the various flavors and tastes of the chocolate clam prepared in many ways. The most interesting part of the night was the display of the traditional way of cooking the clam, which alarmingly included a big bonfire and a pitchfork. The pride with which Loretanos share their traditions and treasure the old recipe is amazing.”

“When I made it to the office of Eco-Alianza, the friendly dynamic between the employees was extremely comforting. Not only are they all affable towards each other, but they welcomed me with open arms and as many friendly words as could be exchanged with my terrible high school Spanish (it helped that most of them speak English to varying degrees).”

Katie volunteering at an environmental education talk at CenCoMA © EAL

Katie volunteering at environmental education talk at CenCoMA © EAL

“Volunteering as an intern for Eco-Alianza was a unique experience that will influence the directions I take in the future. After helping Edna Peralta with her workshop teaching kids about local fish species, I have put a lot more thought into becoming a teacher, a dream I thought had died in ninth grade.  The work that I have done, creating lessons about various environmental fundamentals, has taught me so much about the importance of preserving sites like the Bay of Loreto that are home to endangered marine animals.”

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eco-Alianza and will remember this month-long experience in the town, and with the organization, forever.”

Eco-Alianza de Loreto local & International Volunteers at Carmen Island

Eco-Alianza de Loreto local & International Volunteers at Carmen Island